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cabinet refinishing 

White Kitchen Cabinets

Cleaning, Disassembly and Prepping

The first day begins with the removal of each door and drawer and removing handles and hinges. Each door and drawer is numbered to ensure it is reinstalled in the proper location. The doors and drawers are then taken to a self contained, contaminate-free spray booth which we assemble the first day, on sight. Everything is then decreased and lightly sanded before rinsing with a 50/50 mixture of Denatured Alcohol and water. The first of two coats of Shellac Primer are then sprayed and lignly sanded bwtween coats to increase the adhesion beween the origial substrate and the new finish. 

Image by Sidekix Media

prepping and priming kitchen

Our number one prioroty is your safety therefore we set up a barrier betwen the kitchen and the rest of your home which is well ventilated out a window or a door. The floors are all protected with coverings as are your walls, sink, and appliances. After we have degreased and sanded the boxes in kitchen, we apply tape to the insider perimiter of each cabinet and door frame and then cover the inside with paper. (insert image). After we double check that every inch of your kitchen is protected, we proceed with applying the primer with the same process as with the doors and drawers from the day before. 

Image by Sidekix Media


The third day will consist of spraying top coats on the doors, drawers and boxes. We apply 3 coats of Sher-Wood Kemvar Conversion Varnish  to each surface allowing it to dry for approximately 30 minutes between coats. 

Image by Sidekix Media

Reassembly and Cleanup

We begin with reinstalling the hardware to each door and drawer. If you are wanting to update your hardware, we ask your new hardware be an exact fit, hole for hole. The doors and drawers and then reinstalled we are able, for the first time to see the true transformation which has taken place over the past several days! Before we leave your home, we are sure to spend a considerable amoung of time cleaning. It is important we leave your kithen in a better state than when we arrived.  

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