Bathtub, shower and sink Refinishing


How long does it take to refinish a tub?

Refinishing a tub takes approximately 4-6 hours depending on the condition of the surface.

How long after completion do I have to wait before my tub can be used?

The tub can be used the very next day.

How long will the new finish last?

With regular care and maintenence the new finish can last 10 years or more, which is the same as a brand new tub.

Are there any environmentally friendly applications available?

Yes! We have a “green” VOC compliant coating that is available. It does not deplete the ozone layer, emits a lower odor when applied.

Is white the only color my tub can be sprayed?

No. With refinishing, we can change the surface to any color desired, regardless of the original tub color. We even carry a faux granite stone finish coating that looks amazing on countertops and tile.

Will my bathtub look painted?

No. The material we use is more of a coating than paint. As a matter of fact, it is very difficult for an untrained eye to tell the difference between a new tub and a refinished one.

What kind of repairs do you do?

For bath fixtures, we fix cracks, rust, scratches, chips, dull spots, pits and any discoloration. We are also able to fix kitchen countertops with chips, burns, knife cuts and scratches .

My fiberglass tub or shower has a crack in the floor. Can it be repaired?

Yes! We can install a custom tailored waterproof inlay that can be permanently affixed to your tub or shower floor. We also correct any “sponginess” or “flex” that caused the crack in the first place, so it doesn’t happen again.

I’m going to be remodeling my bathroom soon, should I reglaze my tub before or after this process?

You should wait until you have completed all of your construction steps; we are always the last trade involved in the project.

The drain in my tub is rusted, chipped or pitted. Can this be fixed?

Yes! We can install a new drain sleeve that fits over most existing openings. It will look and perform like brand new!

The floor of my tub is slippery, can anything be done about that?

Absolutely! A slip resistant surface can be installed to the floor of your tub while it is being refinished. It is a built-in textured finish that is installed under the new finish of the tub. It makes standing up in the tub a lot safer, and looks like part of the surface.

Do do-it-yourself kits work?

Absolutely not. DIY kits are limited in strength and durability. Most kits are rolled or brushed on giving an unsightly amateur result. Some are sprayed on with aerosol cans, which cause uneven coverage, drips and “rough” dry spray. The desired “mirror-like” finish can only be achieved by trained and certified technicians using professional spray equipment and premium materials.